Yoga Teacher Training & Retreat 2023

200H Residential Intensive Yoga Teacher Training & Retreat in Kenya

Immerse yourself in your daily practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.

Have time to reconnect, evolve and heal surrounded by nature in a lush green, stunning location directly by the ocean.

Last Minute Deal for the Yoga Teacher Training 3900€ sharing

If you don´t want to do the whole training, than join us for a rejuvenating retreat.

1 week retreat: 975€*

2 week retreat: 1950€*

3 week retreat: 2850€*

*Retreat prizes include daily yoga, meditation and pranayama classes, accommodation and food

A one-month intensive course provides a unique opportunity to transform your own practice in a safe space with a group of like-minded people.  When we go through this in a group we have the opportunity to learn from bodies unlike our own  The energy created by an in-person group course creates a unique setting for personal transformations and insights.

When we are in an immersion, our attention is completely on ourselves and on our yoga practice, nurturing our mind/body connection.  It is only through our connection to our own bodies that we understand how to connect to other bodies.  This is useful not only for teaching but for connecting to our loved ones and the world in a way that can heighten the quality of our lives and those around us. 


7 – 8 am

pranayama and meditation

8 – 10:30

yoga practice + tea break

10:30 – 12:30

noon Theory
(see subjects on flyer)

12:30 – 2 pm

lunch and break

2 – 4 pm

teaching skills / applied theory

4 – 6 pm

yoga practice

7 pm


Some evenings may include Kirtan, Satsang, or Ceremony

 We will adjust the schedule to allow for a weekend off for those that want to organize a safari in Tsavo National Park or a weekend trip inland or further along the coastline. Venue can assist with organization of excursions. All Sundays will be off. Remaining Saturdays will follow the morning schedule up until 12:30pm.


  • Basic understanding and application of applied anatomy & physiology in all postures
  • Safe ways to approach postures and breathe
  • How to lead a group through an asana practice in a safe and effective way  
  • Sequencing a class: how to build up to stronger poses and how to release from them 
  • How to teach from simple to complex versions
  • Safe adjustments and modifications for people with special circumstances
  • How to effectively teach visually and verbally instructed classes
  • How to safely give adjustments
  • Understanding the guiding principles of yoga philosophy and how to incorporate them into a practice.
  • Incorporating the knowledge about the main energy points, the nadis, the chakras and the different energy bodies

Amanda and Mascha’s styles are grounded in traditional hatha yoga and heavily influenced by the Ashtanga and Iyengar practices.  Their style may be considered a vinyasa flow, though it is so much more as it draws on years of training and exposure to so many lineages.  Mascha and Amanda wish to impart on their students a holistic approach and therefore some sessions may be stronger and dynamic while other sessions may be more restorative and regenerative. 

The training will also give the attendees a deeper understanding of and connection to the yoga lifestyle.  Both instructors value the scientific knowledge that informs the physical asana and pranayama practice and will teach these skills in an applied format so the knowledge is embodied and most likely to be retained.  There will be a focus on how to safely apply yoga and modify to all bodies and how to gain the most out of the practice for each body type.  Even if you are not on the path to teaching yoga, this is an important personal skill to have, as we all may experience injury or illness from time to time.  This is where we start to connect to how yoga reaches beyond the benefits of an exercise, differentiating it from other physical activities. 

With the understanding of how to modify and adapt yoga to all conditions, one can experience an even deeper connection to self and the far-reaching benefits of yoga. 

Equally valuable is the history of yoga and philosophical components.  We believe this portion of the training is essential to tying our practice on the mat together with our daily life and interactions.   An understanding of the principles of yoga can shift your perspective on your practice, transforming it in new ways. 

Amanda Breunig Awuor

Mascha Schmitz


Offers double the knowledge, giving two unique perspectives and styles of teaching. Both teachers have studied under the guidance of Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss from the Yoga Synergy School of Australia. Mascha Schmitz and Amanda Breunig Awuor draw heavily on their in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology to inform their yoga teachings. Balanced out with their wisdom of yoga philosophy and the more spiritual aspects of the practice, makes this training well rounded. A certified Ayurvedic therapist, Mascha incorporates this wisdom and love of ceremony into her sessions. Giving us a deep connection to self, a warmth and appreciation of all things. Amanda looks at her classes like a piece of art, bringing in creative flows balanced with a focus on technique. She loves to work with all body types, looking at the body as a puzzle to adapt the yoga practice to.

More on Amanda Breunig Awuor

Her yoga journey began in 2008 when she was studying her master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution in Washington, D.C. It was meditation that first guided her toward the yoga practice. Her late mentor and Professor Abdul Aziz Said taught her the power of meditation and spirituality reminding his students “you cannot create peace in the world until you first create peace within yourself.” From there she was drawn to the physical practice of yoga to heal a knee injury from years of running competitively. Once she stepped inside that first D.C. yoga studio, she was forever hooked. It of course brought physical balance and healing, but what kept her coming were the emotional and psychological benefits. Her first teacher training was completed in 2011 under the guidance of Jim Harrington in Cape Town, South Africa where she studied the Ashtanga Primary series. She started teaching yoga full time in Denmark in 2013. She continued her studies, completing two more trainings in Goa, India under Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss of the Yoga Synergy School, Australia. Trained and certified physiotherapists, their style is influenced by a profound understanding of anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on safety for all bodies. Her teaching is heavily influenced by their teachings, incorporating spinal movements, fluid transitions, muscle co-activations (bandhas) and the sthira/sukham (steadiness with ease) philosophy. She is constantly evolving her teaching with new techniques and is currently most inspired by embodied practices, the wisdom of the moon cycles, and the guiding wisdom from within. Amanda now resides in her husband´s homeland of Kenya and has been teaching in Nairobi since 2016.

Find out more about Amanda:

More on Mascha Schmitz

Mascha started her own yoga journey when she was 16, entering her first Sivananda yoga class and instantly knew that she would become a yoga teacher one day. She is a graduated sports scientist, yoga teacher, bodyworker and Ayurveda therapist. She founded Sukha Yoga – Holistic Flow of the Elements in 2012 in Cologne, Germany. Mascha is practising yoga since 1996 and teaches since 2005. Over the last two decades she was traveling the world deepening her understanding about the healing aspects of yoga and Ayurveda. She is constantly expanding and evolving her knowledge about the human body and the wisdom of yoga while studying with international teachers such as Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier (Yoga Synergy, Australia), Lance Schuler (Inspaya Yoga, Australia), Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga, USA), Anne Heydenreich and David Winch (Soboco Yoga, Cologne), David Williams (US) Sita Menon (Evolve Yoga) and Jambo Dragon (UK). Her classes are are based on working with the elements. She combines dynamic Hata Yoga, with Marma Chikitsa (the Energy Point System) and the Restorative Yoga Method (creating synergies between the different parts of the brain and releasing trauma). Mascha loves to create a space for healing and transformation and is using ceremony in her teaching to adjust the body and mind to process and accept changes.


This course is Yoga Alliance certified, requiring a minimum of one-year yoga practice to join the training. Course will be taught in English. Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate. Upon completion of this course and final assessment, you will receive your 200hr Teacher Training Certification, certifying you as a Yoga Instructor. With this you qualify to register with Yoga Alliance International to be a certified yoga instructor under their umbrella as well.


Course fees are 3900 Euro sharing, to secure your spot a 30% deposit of the total fee is required. The deposit is non-refundable. Full payment required by 15th June. Non-sharing accommodation available upon request, inquire for rates. Travel expenses and excursions are not included.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations between 4th and 11th of June: 50% of the total course fees will be refunded. Cancellations after the 11th of June: no refunds unless you find a person to take over your spot and your course fees in full.


The secluded beach enhances the retreat vibe, giving us the space to let go of the distractions of the “outside” world. The beauty of the ocean, quiet beach and surrounding nature calms the nerves, promoting a softening inward. For those who’ve never been to Kenya, it is also a chance to experience a different culture and lifestyle. This in itself encourages transformation. Vegetarian/vegan food inspired by Kenyan coastal cuisine and traditional asian and ayurvedic inspired dishes. Menu handcrafted for this event. We place a high priority on nourishing and easy to digest food!


All the charm and quiet of nature is captured in 8 uniquely designed, castaway chic style bandas that combine laidback style and attention to detail. All our bandas are tucked amongst lush vegetation for privacy and are all situated mere meters from the Indian Ocean.

To get an even better impression of the beauty of Che Shale feel free to visit the venue´s website:



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