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Hier bist du genau richtig, wenn du schon immer mal Yoga ausprobieren wolltest oder deine Praxis vertiefen willst.


Sukha Yoga bietet ganzheitliches und fließendes Vinyasa Yoga für Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene an. Mit Yoga tust du dir etwas Gutes, für Körper, Geist und Seele!


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Foto von Jana Dorn
Foto von Jana Dorn


Vinyasa Yoga ist ein dynamischer Yogastil, der fließende Bewegungen und eine entspannte und natürliche Atmung miteinander verbindet. Bewegung und Atmung bilden eine Einheit welche den Geist zur Ruhe kommen lässt.


Der Sukha Yoga Stil verbindet den Einsatz von Spiraldynamik, Spinal Movements, tiefer Faszienarbeit und Corearbeit um den Körper, von innen heraus, Aufzurichten und von Blockaden zu befreien.


Durch eine regelmäßige Yoga Praxis wird die Flexibilität der Muskulatur, sowie ein bewussteres Körpergefühl gefördert. Yoga stärkt uns auf Körperlicher,  Mentaler und Emotionaler Ebene und erleichtert es uns gleichzeitig in stressigen Zeiten mehr Ruhe und Entspannung in unseren Alltag zu bringen.

In den Yogastunden erlebst du eine Mischung aus Dynamik und Ruhe, Stabilität und Leichtigkeit, Kraft und Beweglichkeit, Aktivierung und Entspannung sowie Konzentration und Stille.

Yoga für alle! Jeder ist  willkommen hier Yoga zu praktizieren, ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittener.

Foto von Jana Dorn
Foto von Jana Dorn

Workshops und Neuigkeiten

the web of connection- Eine Workshop Serie mit Sita Menon am 21. und 22.12.

Sita Menon is coming back to Sukha Yoga just before the christmas break to make sure that we dive into the festive session with fresh energy and a deep connection with our inner spirit!

Take the opportunity to meet this intuitive and knowlagable teacher!


The Web of Connection - Workshop series -
Theme: This is a time of year when many of us struggle with finding our place in connection. We sometimes struggle with family connections, expectations, triggers and find ourselves losing our sense of self.

And yet, we so desperately want to connect authentically to those around us.

The very web of community that sometimes hurts and triggers, is also necessary for us to survive as humans. How can we learn to connect to the web of community in way that we can stay true to ourselves?

Sometimes it helps to start our exploration of connection in a like-minded community (such as our yoga community).

Let's feel for what it takes to bring our shielding down and soften so we can connect to our immediate community. Let’s feel for what stands in the way of true, authentic connection and what aspects of connection instigate withdrawal or fear.

Let’s feel for what comes up when we stay present to what happens within us as we connect to another.

Let’s feel for what happens when we stay authentic to ourselves, our needs, our sense of ourselves, as we connect into the web of community. Let’s feel for how we respond, when we are able to connect to another through the human experience of vulnerability - we all share the similar fears, have the similar aspirations and dreams, similar needs, even if our specific stories are different. We all need to love and have the need to be loved and accepted - let's create an environment where this is possible within community.


Workshop 1: Dec 21 Morning Workshop - 10:00 am - 1:30 pm (55€)
De-Armouring to Weave the Web :
This workshop will begin with ceremony - setting the intent using the Four Directions and chanting with drumming. This back-bending asana practice will focus on gently, organically bringing the armouring we carry around the front of the body down, from a place of grounding. A practice where we can really feel for the web of connection with one another, despite our histories. This practice will help us connect to what holds us back in our connection with community and help us feel into what steps we need to take, to reconnect.

Workshop 2: Dec 21 Afternoon Workshop - 3:00 - 5:30 pm (45€)
Weaving the Web of Connection:
This workshop will deepen into the morning’s theme. The practice will include a short pranayama and asana practice to connect back into the body. We will deepen into the learning’s from the morning via partner exercises, journaling and build a support system that allows us to taken in the support of the community. We will feel into our patterns of holding back, our patterns of losing ourselves and explore what we need to be able to stay connected to a true sense of ourselves while connecting to another.

Workshop 3: Dec 22 Morning Workshop - 10:00 am - 1:30 pm (55€)
Letting go through Grounding:

We are aware that there are aspects of connecting with another human that we simply cannot control. There are aspects of connection that are scary and make us vulnerable. In this workshop we explore how to stay grounded through that vulnerability. We learn how to use our anchors - our bodies, to stay present through the difficulties and unknowns of relationship. This workshop will start with the four directions, chanting and drumming and end with a deep, sweet yoga-nidra to integrate the process from the weekend.

Personal Investment:

Early Bird price for the full workshop booked before the Nov 20th: 145€
Regular Price for the full workshop: 155€
Single sessions: 55€/45€

For bookings or further information please contact Mascha at post@sukhayoga.de


About Sita:
Sita is the Founder and Owner of Evolve Yoga and Forrest Yoga Guaridan and Teacher.

Sita found her way to yoga 20 years ago after the birth of her oldest child. What started out as a need to simply find a way to balance a stressful job in telecommunications software and family life with children, quickly deepened into a practice that Sita felt compelled to pursue.

After a few years of practicing various styles - Baptiste Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga - with various renowned teachers, Sita found her home in Forrest Yoga.

She met Ana Forrest, the creatrix of Forrest Yoga, in 2005 and did her first 200-hour teacher training with one of Ana's early students. She followed that with the 5-day Continuing Education for Teachers in 2010, the Advanced Forrest Training in 2010 and the 200-hour Foundation Training with Ana Forrest in 2012. In Jan 2016, Ana invited her to step into training to become a Guardian. Forrest Yoga Guardians are hand-picked by Ana to continue the legacy of Forrest Yoga and to mentor other Forrest Yoga Teachers.

Sita became a Guardian in September 2017 and now runs her own mentorship programs out of Berlin. Sita is currently pursuing a four year professional training in the Mindfulness-based Body Psychotherapy methodology of Hakomi and brings her experiential learning of the body-psyche connection into her teaching.
Sita teaches with a passion for Forrest Yoga that reflects the impact Forrest Yoga has had on her own life.

She is enthusiastic about teaching her students how to live free of pain - physical and emotional. She brings in a quality of mindfulness into the way she teaches Forrest Yoga that encourages students to look into their own emotional patterns, accept themselves for who they are and evolve from a place of acceptance and being good enough.

Her classes are normally All-levels and she brings exquisite attention to injuries.

Sita also shares her healing touch with her students - with the permissions of her students, she uses her hands-on adjustments as way to hold space for the student while they process and breathe. The sensitivity and depth with which these hands-on adjustments are given, create an incredibly healing and accepting environment where, as human beings, we get to connect to one another on a non-verbal, feeling level.
Sita (along with Nicola Troeger and Deborah Haaksman) is also one of the co-founders of Earthwalking - a platform that organizes the Earthwalking Festival and other Forrest Yoga related events in Berlin and fosters the growth of the local Forrest Yoga community and aspires to promote living in Balance and Beauty.